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6 In 1/2 PV Combiner Box
【DATA 2019/3/26】



Photovoltaic array combiner box

Product overview

With overall protection such as counterattack prevention overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and lightning prevention, PV combiner boxes are used to reduce the connecting wires
between a PV module and an inverter or controller, make maintenance easy, reduce the loss and improve product safety and reliability.
The PV combiner box produced by us has all the functions above and provides users with a complete solution for PV power generation systems.


 + Two groups of independent PV array input and output for flexible application in different connection schemes:
 + Multiple PV input arrays each of which has a maximum current of l0A:
 + A high voltage fuse provided for the counterattack prevention of each PV input array;
 + A special high-voltage lightning protection device for the PV module:
 + A special high-voltage circuit breaker for output control of the PV module:
 + A degree of protection of IP65 for meeting the need of outdoor installation



Model H6T
Input data
Number of PV inputs 6
Max. current of each PV input array 10A
Fuse for each PV input array 10A
Wire number of each PV input array PG7, 4mm2
Output data
Number of outputs 2
Maximum output current 60A in all (30A/each output)
Wire number of each output PG16, 10mm2 for each output
Maximum output voltage 800V DC
DC output circuit breaker Available
Other data
Protection IP65
Temperature -30 to 60°C
Net/gross weight (kg) 8.4/12.9
Dimensions 360*340*145mm
Cooling method Natural cooling
Surge protection Available
Ground wire number ≥ 6mm2



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