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【DATA 2019/3/26】



This Solution will be providing 12960 Watts in average Daily If the Effective sunlight

time is 4 Hours per day.In Most of China Place we have 4 Hours in average. The

Designed Battery has a 19200 Watts(1600AH) Capacity for Energy Storage. You will be

allowed to use Small Power Home Applicances on it.

Let's take an example:
3 of 60W Ceiling fans running 8 Hours
5 of 10W Led bulbs running 8 Hours
2 of 120W TV runing 4 Hours
2 of 90W Computers running 8Hours
1 of Fridge running 24 hours
1 of Washing machine running 4 hours
1 of oven running 4 hours

It will be very Worthy to invest on solar power if you have 20 or 25 days+ Sunshine

monthly. First of all,you should take a look at your monthly electric bill,and see

how much you need pay electricity charges monthly to the Grid state,then compared to

the invest of solar power,to get result of which one is much better for your house.

Application area:

Remote area,School,poor area which lack of electricity.
Residential house paying much electricity charges

The Solution could be designed especially for your house,welcome to contact us for further inforamtion.



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