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【DATA 2019/3/26】



Winbright YB-Series All-in-one Solar Street light,the unique one-piece design gives the product an extraordinary look. From design, research and development, production to the advent of each link is full of deep feeling and sweat, each inspiration contains wireless imagination. The lamp body adopts die-casting aluminum process and aluminum alloy extrusion forming technology, the structure is firm, the impact resistance is strong, and the superior heat dissipation performance ensures the long and efficient work of LED.


This Light has 3 years warranty for complete set.


Main Advantages

1. No need of cable installation or special light pole, functional components modular design. Installation, maintenance and replacement is convenient and quick . 
2. High efficiency solar panel. High transfer rate, charge full quickly.
3. Using high capacity lithium ion battery, high energy, long life, light weight, green and environmental protection, do not produce any harmful substances.
4. Using LED lighting source, no diffuse reflection effect, high light efficiency. Coupled with the unique secondary optical design, exposures to the wider region, This achieve energy saving again to improve the efficiency of light. And the LED light source has a long service life, high luminous efficiency; the advantage of light color uniform, is also a best product of environmental protection.
5. The Shell adopts aluminum, which have a advantage of light weight, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics. Ensuring product to adapt to the humid and hydrochloric acid environment.
6. Control system adopts industrial-grade components manufacturing, which can adapt to all kinds of wicked environment and ensure the street light normally on.

7.Angle adjustable,meet different requirements from different clients,5-20 degree adjustable , the change is not angle only,but also performance


8.Flips LED chip:

1)Imported LED technology,energy-saving 80%,the ultimate choice.

2)3000-5700K color temperature,the extraordinary experience.

3)High efficiency, meet different requirement.


9.PIR Sensor,people coming 100% brightness,people go sway 30% brightness. 30%/50%70%/100% range set.



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